Who Am I?

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  1. What experience got me to write/develop a signage guide for small businesses.

Seven years ago I stated to look for a signage guide for small businesses in open-air shopping centers.  This interest was developed when I saw and heard of local small businesses in centers going out of business due to the poor economy and lack of roadside signage to tell the driving public that they exist and what they were selling.

The only signage guide I found was only for individual roadside businesses and not for open-air shopping center.  It is called “What’s Your Signage?” by the New York state Small Business Development Center (NYSSBDC).  I contacted many of the contributors to the NYSSBDC ten (10) year old signage guide.  Many were no longer active, others were unavailable (moved) and the main company that supported the effort went out of business. A member suggested that I myself write a guide for open-air shopping centers.

I assure you that I am able to develop a roadside signage guide for small businesses in shopping centers. I started to get interested in the problems of small businesses getting exposure to the public, over ten years ago. I talked to many small shops in the four shopping centers in my township. From many of them I have heard their complaints of their fruitless efforts to get a roadside sign. They hear from the center owner that it’s against the township code (a lie). Asked about the super market, they are told that it was grandfathered in. Many other owners do not want to pay the cost of a joint tenant sign, even when it will help their bottom line. Many stores had gone out of business over the past six years of bad times and a few new ones have opened up hoping to be successful.  The super market managers say their business will grow with better roadside signage for their small stores.

I have sent letters to the township and met with the center owners. suche ghostwriter The township said they cannot create an ordinance, but they applauded my efforts. One local center owner finally did provide some signage for the small business after my letter explained how it was a WIN-WIN (a No-Brainer) situation for them.

The shopping center owners should realize that the idea for roadside signage for all shopping center stores is actually in their best interest. It will create: (1) healthy businesses able to pay the rent, (2) less empty stores that pay no rent and (3) shops that can afford the rent now and the higher rent in the future. It will help the economy and create many more jobs. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

  1. My Retail and Career Experience:

My wife had a business where we took orders at trade shows from small stores for gift books, rugs, dollies, brass and other items women would buy in a gift shop. The books were brought in larger quantities and stocked. These books were sold in smaller quantities to stores. Many other items were shipped directly from the supplier.  I learned a lot about the problems of small businesses by talking to and taking orders from store operators, who could not afford to buy in large quantities.

As to who I am: I am a retired Design Engineer, of 55+ years of experience.

I enjoyed working in many industries for medium and larger companies. I started with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, later I studied business and received at degree at Temple University at night.

I was fortunate to retire from a large company that offered a retirement package for senior employee. I took the opportunity along with 1200 other employee. I was hided back for a year along with about 150 others. Afterward, I then continued to work as a contract designer/engineer, using my CAD and design experience for about five other companies for a total of more than ten years.

Now that I am fully retired, I wish to help my community and country where I can. Helping small businesses is where I am now.  Helping them will help the national economy and the jobs situation.  The thing that I enjoy the most now, is working to help all small businesses get better roadside signage and exposure to grow.

Bill Hnatuk   Is a retired Professional Design Engineer (PE-016091-E in PA), with degrees in Engineering (Rutgers) and Business (Temple).  He can be contacted at BillHsigns@aol.com  This guide is applicable to individual businesses, Malls (inside), Industrial Parks, Business Cards and Company Logos.  He now offers design evaluations and consulting on signage, for small businesses, shopping center owners, individual businesses and malls. (via. email and photos).fair housing act emotional support animal